SEO Audits / Website Audits

SEO Audits / Website Audits In simple words, SEO Audits is to forensically examine your site to find out good and not goods in your website. Also explore the challenges and opportunities for your business/personal Website, Blog, Page or Channel. Assess your website’s search engine friendliness and visibility with an SEO Audit. Performing a search engine optimization audit (SEO Audit) of your website is significant for many reasons. An SEO audit reveals methods for you to improve your SEO campaign. The ultimate goal is to identify weak points in your website that are hurting your performance. SEO audit will give you a list of actionable items that you should need to be fixed. Once you fixed the actionable you should see improvements in your SEO performance. The process of SEO Audits starts with a diversified analysis move towards a thorough evaluation and finally prioritized SEO Efforts.  SEO Audits contain both an internal analysis and external analysis. Types of Website Audits Form many kinds of audits some most common SEO related audits are given below; Site Health Audits Red Flag Audits Competitive Site Audits Conversion Optimization Audits Negative SEO or Attacked Site Audits Penalty and Recovery Audits. Security Audits   [Read More]