Chinese Electric Cars in Pakistan

The Chinese government not only provides massive subsidies but also help in research and development if you are interested in making/producing electric cars.

It was only a matter of time when someone would bring one in Pakistan too. We already have conventional Chinese automobiles in Pakistan; from FAW cars to Foton to Zotye and a few more. And now someone has brought Chinese electric cars in Pakistan as well.

The cars in question are Shifeng D101. In a global aspect, Shifeng is not exactly a giant. But they very active in the production of electric cars in China and spend most of their research and development on electric vehicles. As a group, on the whole, they manufacture other products; from tractors to other farm machinery to LCVs to tires and a lot more. Shifeng makes as many as eight models of small city electric vehicles. The D101 model is their five doors and four-seat hatchback model.

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