Kyrgyz Republic

Name                                                 Kyrgyz Republic


Capital                                               Bishkek


Independence Day                                    31 August 1991


Population                                       6.02 million


Ethnic composition                        Kyrgyz 72%, Russian 6%, Uzbek 12%, Tajik 7%, Tatar 2% and Uyghur 1%


Religion                                             Muslim > 75%, Greek Orthodox Church 20%


Literacy rate                                    99%


Language                                          Kyrgyz is national language while Russian is used in official business



GDP                                                    US $ 14 billion (2015)


Growth rate                             6.6%


Exports                                   US $ 2.009 billion (2015)

Imports                                   US $ 5.54 billion (2015)


Per capita income                              US $ 2400/-


Currency                                 Som (US $ 1 = Som 68), as of 2/11/16


Trade with Pakistan


Exports                                   US $ 0.327 million (2014)

Major exports                         Medical & pharmaceuticals, fruits, textile products, surgical goods

Imports                                   US $ 1.21 million (2014)

Major imports                         Aircraft equipment, machinery and machinery parts, iron ore

The press



  • Kyrgyz National TV and Radio Broadcasting Corporation – state-run, operates four networks including flagship First Channel
  • EITR (Public TV and Radio) – based in southern city of Osh
  • Channel Five – private, near-national coverage
  • Osh TV – private, Osh
  • NBT(Independent Bishkek TV) – private, Bishkek
  • NTS (New TV Network) – private, Bishkek




  • Kyrgyz National TV and Radio Broadcasting Corporation – state-run
  • Kyrgyzstan Obondoru (Kyrgyzstan Melody) – leading private station
  • Europa Plus – private, Bishkek, Osh
  • Hit FM Bishkek – private

News Agencies/Internet

  • Kabar– state-run, English-language pages
  • AKIpress– private, English-language pages
  • kg– private, English-language pages
  • KyrTAG– private
  • Kloop– news site, blog platform
  • Diesel Forum– discussion platform

Political:  The Kyrgyz government is basically democratic, with three governmental branches: the president and his advisers; the Parliament, which has two houses; and the courts. Parliament is made up of the Legislative Assembly and the Assembly of People’s Representatives.
Culture: Kyrgyzstan is a country with few natural resources. The economy is based on agriculture, mining, and animal products Craftsmanship accounts for nearly half of Kyrgyzstan’s yearly production. Artisans make saddles, and carpet are skilled at goldsmithing. The most important element of etiquette is respect. Respect is given to elders and authority figures Strangers do not usually acknowledge each other while passing on the street. Any close contact, however, such as sitting near each other on public transportation or making a transaction at the bazaar, will open the way to introductions. It is common to invite new acquaintances into the houses.

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